Feedback – Our Motivation

NameFew lines on Speaker (Sagar U.S)
HEMA.CWonderful person with infinite and effective motivational thoughts
VANDHANA VENKATESHI would like to take the speaker as my role model.  Wonderful person.  Learnt the most on the topic Stock Market.
SNEHA L KAMATHIs a friendly person and has loads of knowledge and shared some with us. It was a grear session 
LIKITHA.M He is a good hearted person i got many new things from him we daily learn something from him he is a good speaker 
PRATHAP KSagar U.S sir is a good guider and giving good guidance to build our future. 
CHAITHANYA K SThe session was very nice…i have learnt about stock markets…learning new concepts was nice and knowledgeable… Thanks for this session…
SUHAS MSuch a inspirational teaching by sir .I am blessed to be his student,Thank you very much sir🙂
ABHIJAY Excellent!!!
Pruthvishree VKBrilliant and humble personality i loved the way he became our friend as well as a teacher
NandhiniVery interesting classes conducted by sir. Didnt know how these last few days passed by . Got to learn some new stuff hope to implement it in the future
VINAY PA very unique teacher who taught me not only stock market but also life! All the best to all your dreams sir.
KAVYA UDUPAYou have been the best inspiration sir and we have much more to learn from a person like you . just like you told on the first day your contribution to the India’s growth story will be remembered by many and thank you alot sir for all the things you have told and I might not remember the iq part very well but the eq part I will make sure I implement it in all the ways possible 😊
POOJA.LI have got the motivation for investment in stock market
DEEPASHA SINGHFirst of all thank u sir for giving us an opportunity to learn about stock market in such an interesting manner.The way you teach is next level sir,very helpful and very interesting.Once again sincere thanks to you sir.Looking forward for another great session on stock market.
SHAMANTH GOWDA MFriendly, inspiring person, thought us well about stock market… his classes are interesting… he interacts with every student.. hard working person.. 
NandhuSir ur amzaing sir 
BHOOMIKA RANI RNice teaching and we really learnt something about market by him and nice person.thank you sir ☺
KHUSHI KESHARWANII am glad that i attended his classes.He is a great speaker nd the session was very informative and interesting.
NITHIN V He’s a gem of a person! Love his dedication and determination..such a motivational person 
VAIBHAV GOWDA PMOutstanding , teaching,kind, knowledgeable
MBS MEGHANASagar sir was excellent. The way he taught us without any book and in a very practical manner was amazing.
HARITHA. TOne if the best person ever. The one who combines everything and explains us. He is the best example of  best teacher. Sir actually explains thing of life. Best experience ever. Thank you so much sir.
MANJUNATH. SGood teaching 
PARTHIV.S.RAJSir your cls is awsome…..
CHAITHANYA.  RAwesome……..
ARATHI KUMARI KAMATH .RYour teaching was awesome sir
D KUSUM GAIKWADHe is one among those  amazing person that I’ve met. Not only Subject wise but he also teaches life lessons that makes his class even more interesting. So thank you sir for everything. Hope to learn more from you and I also wish to work with you in future. Thank you sir.  
SIENA CBThank you so much sir for taking the time to teach us we are very grateful to you.
ANJALI SURESH PATROTIntelligent and a good person
G.CharanyaThe best teacher
ISHICA AGGARWALVery motivating and friendly person… That spirit of doing good 
AKSHATHA G RAOVery good and friendly person 
ANUSHA MAYYAThank you so much for this program sir , not only learnt about stock market but also  life lessons . 
KAVYASHREE S KMr.Sagar sir is a Superstar’s Super star. You are a good and kind gentel man. Ur not just a human with common knowledge you are extraordinary next level sir. You have not only thought about stock market but also you gave more knowledge about life and your one of inspiration thanks a lot sir. Hope we will get knowledge even though we left college. Once again thanks a lot sir. Keep supporting us and blessing us.. We are lucky to have a session by you sir.😇
MOHAMMED FAIZAN RASOOLA  Fantastic Person  ever met in my life… He taught us not only Stock market.. but the real values of life. 
MANAV LADHAHe is a humble person and an excellent speaker the way he taught us stock market was great and he taught us many things about stock market 
MANJUNATH. A Good motivationer, friendly in nature 
SOUMADEEP GAINCaptivating speaker
ESHITHA.GThe teaching was good 
BRUNDA K RThs program was good nd sir was very interactive wth us nd nyc class
M PANCHAMI A very intelligent and intellectual person who is always filled with enthusiasm where he spreads all of them 
PRAJWAL KUMAR. RExcellent teacher but there was no sufficient time to complete the course properly
AISHWARYA GSStock market class was very interesting I thought it will  be very difficult to understand but Sagar sir made it easy apart from studies he gave precious points wch can take into our life and change our thoughts .Thank you sir !
MUHAMMED FAYIZ KPGood sir, sir improve self confidence 
FAISAL FAYAZ AHAMED Best motivator still met , Thought many things to us for stock market and also for daily life , blessed to have you sir ❤️
SHARANYEA D SYour just amazing
SHRUTHI S SHETTYGreat teacher…friendly,very interactive and fun 
AYUSH.SFriendly n explains well n makes us to understand…
JATIN SINGH BHANDARIVery good way of interacting with there students.
Divin RajA good program nd a good time spent wid u… Best wishes for all ur good deeds nd thank u for having us! 
JASPREET SINGH KABIRSir thank you for sharing all ur knowledge and skills relating to stock market
UTTARA CHAITALIESagar sir taught us very well..his way of teaching is different from other teachers, which attracted me more..he has a friendly and cool was really fun to learn from him.. Hope to experience again as well😊😊
APSARA SABYA RVery friendly and the way of teaching is very effective…. Have learnt many new things and hope for more
VARSHINI. NInspiring person 
P. AnushaSir u r really great sir I hav learnt lots of things from you😊
Parwinder kaurNice gud
HARSHITHA.RSir you are very good and inspiring…
NISHMITHA.MThe only class I felt I have received some knowledge . I am very lucky who took this course and learnt how to build my future . Thanks to Sagar sir 
PRANATHI S BHARADWAJOne of the excellent teacher he has taught a lot and lot of things during the course I have learnt so much from him, I feel like I want his class again. 
Raksha parameshwariBest speaker
LATHA. MI leant so many things from this adorable person and that program created me zeal to invest in Stock market. It’s one of the best add on course which I have never seen before  
Pavithra .MHello sir these is Pavithra I have never seen like these teaching yet I am really lucky sir thanks you sir for the amazing information about the stock market
KAVYA N Though I’ve attended only 2 classes. It inspired me a lot. Ur way of  teaching was nice. I like the way u appreciate the students…. Thank you so much to provide information & knowledge abt stock market
Apeksha M BThe best speaker ,who tends the attention and make the class the best 
SaniyaIt was good sir ☺️
CHANDANA D AAwsome trainer who gave a best knowledge about stock market
PRAGATHI. MAmazing sir we enjoy a lot in ur class sir
JAYASHREE GLearnt many new thing which we hvn’t come across thank you sir for the valuavble skill u gave to us!
Harsha Vardhan.NDeterminant,Passionate, lively, preaches good hope
Sheethal RAwesome speaker one of the best teacher his way of teaching is marvellous…
ANANYA.R.Sagar sir conducted a stock program very well and i learnt a lot on stock and gained a lot of information about stock  from him and from this program and this was a  very useful Programe 
Jayashree Bai N You are a very inspiring speaker and even more, an inspiring personality.  
AISHWARYA ULLOORA HOne such amazing orator who can actually put the information into our brains so amazingly in such a way which we never expected.His knowledge is beyond oceans,His examples and explanations which he used to do are so much fun that we cant forget.The way he used to explain the live markets with such amazing analysis are just splendid.We gonna miss him in future classes.We really thank you so much sir…
TEJASWINI.SSir i would like to thank you for the outstanding Aspire program you brought  to us . The planning you provided, the flexibility you allowed, the  information you sent and the timely responses to our questions were all greatly appreciated. As for the program itself, it was a gem. How nice it was see the way you guided us and encouraged us to openly recognise each others’ talents and strengths in a variety of different ways. It provided us all a boost.  days of excitement and highly motivated — what a learning experience for us. Thank you for your patience sir. You are the best teacher ever! 
Gayathri NAwesome teacher 😊😊 very inspiring!!!
Suhas sA beautiful spoken person with uncomparable knowledge and knows the student mindset how to carry on the subject and get the attention of the whole class will be implementing whatever he has taugth us very shortly😁 always with u sir
Satyajeet Pandey You make students easy to understand the difficult terms. 
Soundarya rGood
ARPITA DLearnt lot many intresting things by Sagar sir !! Sessions taken on stock market were great!! He made the session interactive, knowledgeable ,entertaining and very intresting.. Enjoyed each session. Have got an idea what stock market is all about.. Thank you so much sir for sharing your knowledge and giving insight on stock market😊
KAVYA K Sa person with knowledge and good soul we miss u sir 
CHAITANYA.KGood speaker, Sir u thought us so many things which we doesn’t know with real examples which makes us more enthusiastic.  Thank u so much sir 😊 i will never forget you and your sessions sir😊😍 once again Thank you Sir 
Suman Shighly energetic
SHARANYA.PHe was nice person , he thought us many things about stock market . I wolud wish to have anoter session with Sagar sir . Thank you  
Dileep L RSuper sir fantastic experience
JAGADEESHWARI PSir taught us stock market as simple as we can understand..and the session was not at all boring although sometimes if sir take the whole was very good..sir taught the stock market through live stock market websites which helped us to understand the concept in detail..thank you sir..!!
SHIVARAJAHe is so friendly and motivate me to learn
SHIVARAJAHe is very friendly and he motivate me to learn
SAKSHI JANGRA Good at connecting stock market and other knowledgeable things (current affairs) to make classes interesting. 
ANOOP L UExcellent speaker with lot of knowledge thank you sir for sharing your knowledge you are the best 🤗
SHREYAS D KASHYAPGood and a talented one who has a great experience in trading in live markets and has the ability to convey the topics in a simple and understandable way
M. PRAJWALExcellent teaching 
TEJASWINI S amazing human being 
VIVEK JAYAGANGAIt was over all a good interacting session .learnt morethan what I expected and am sure it ll be a useful while trading in stock market ..!
SHREYAS S GARGEYA SASTRY Great person. Amazes me with his ground to earth attitude. He teaches more than how to make some money.
MANOJ.MYou are one of the best person i hav met in life 😊
AARJU SHUKLAA good teacher ,unique
HARIHARAN SAMPATHWith his magical tone, hours of course was not enough 
Dipangshu KunduBrilliant person with voracious knowledge about market as well as life.
ABHISHEK PATTANASHETTINo words to express, excellent
VARSHINI TClever in motivating! 
YESHWANTH KSagar U.S is an good speaker who motivates and teaches stock market by giving live current scenario of society  as an example so that students get clarity in stock market. And I’m satisfied by the service provided by the Sagar U.S 
M NIZAMUDEENSpeaker, I thought I’d let you know just how thoroughly everyone enjoyed Sagar’s address from past 10 days. He is an excellent speaker – flawless in his delivery – and everyone was abuzz with praise and enthusiasm afterwards. There were a good number of light bulb moments ……..A really interesting subject … humorously delivered. We loved him. Thanks for coming to Seshadripuram College.
DIVYA SEnthusiastic, we learned lot about stock market, sir suggested many ideas to work it on stock market. He didn’t dissatisfied us  
SRAVANA DESIKAN VCould focus more on the topic rather than focusing more on the analogies.
SHUBHAM P SHETHA friendly, informative and a great teacher
YATISH RAJ GHas a lot of knowledge about stock market as well other things would like to learn much more from him.
REEJA R REVANKAR A good teacher 
ADARSH D.BThe teaching techniques, ideas is brilliant. Totally loved his session.
DIPANGSHU KUNDUGreat personality with in-depth knowledge about the subject.
Aarju shuklaGood teacher ,unique but not abnormal
M PRAJWALExcellent speaker
Tejaswini. SAn extraordinary speaker with an resourceful knowledge
PRERANA BHARADWAJ NAYAK B PWill miss your class and you from tom sir🙏🏻😌 . Thank you for the great experience yoi have given us in the class. I liked the fact that you being a teacher openly have given out your mistakes so thelat we learn from those🙏🏻 which is very rearly done my any teacher. And yes thank you for the challenge you have given  waking up 4Am it’s very helpful at the time of exams and normal days🙏🏻🙏🏻. Was such am amazing experience. You not Only thoughts us about stock markets but many life lessons which made me get inspired by you. 🙏🏻 You are truly an inspiration and i mean it sir. Just a little gratitude🙏🏻.
MADHU.EYou are  super teacher in stock market
Rajshekar. VMotivated large, more patience, good person  
R.pavan KumarGood person and very intelligent man polite never scold the student 
JEEVAN KRISHNAExcellent very humble and have a good humor…  Treats every one as superstars
NANDINI.MWe learned something useful and new things,actually ur class was very interesting and entertaining bcoz u were teching about stock market and also about other information which we should know and u teached a beauty of life too.Thank you so much sir for coming to our cllg and making us a super stars and we will do something great in our future sir 🙏😇
Bhargava Ur the best teacher for us sir we learnt many things related stock market from you thank u so much sir n we miss ur class sir
Allwyn Akilesh MSir you have thought us about stock market which cannot be rated for 1000rs and most of all you have given tips about how to handle life,stress, situations,most of all to find ourselves … Thank You Sir
SURAJ.G.S.Friendly and co-operating
SHASHANK RSagar sir is an amazing person, sir you have taught me many strategies. It’s my pleasure that i have got a good teacher. Thank you 
MANU SUnimaginable 
KOMALA.SWonderful sir I ever met I learnt many things 
R.pavan KumarSo good person and polite man role model for students intelligent too
RAVI KUMAR H.PAwsome speaker,best motivater
BHARGAVA.K.NBest motivator
THARUUNIKA.S Very good teaching.. will encourage us more… but only one thing is that little fast in explanation that also it is ok because we are the starters right so we can’t understand fast .. 
GURU PRASAD MNo words. Thankyou sir for what all you taught us. This program was about stock market but you taught us both stock market and life lessons and career advice🙏 THANK YOU SIR
RATHNA .NSir explained well if we have any quires related stock  he used to clear then and there. If I didn’t Understand  he used to give lot of examples to make me understand 
YOGANANDAREDDY  GSir! You the person who inspired me a lot. You just amazing sir…. 
Sushmitha A The Best Teacher & Adviser 
BHARATH SSir’s teaching was really good…..nice thinking nn creating new thoughts….we had learnt soo many General knowledge things….tq sir…
REVATHI. SHe is very fantastic and we learnt so many things from Sagar sir
REVATHI. SHe is very fantastic and we learnt so many things from Sagar sir 
MUKESH J I Just want to thank you sir , that you have  gave such a inspirational stock knowledge & also you motivated us for bright future Thank you onece again sir
SWATHI SHREE.NA gentleman and very honest person…..I personally enjoyed his way of teaching 
VAISHNAVI B Bvery good teacheing
PRIYADARSHINI GKnowledge book of stock market
KIRAN.HFirst thank you so much sir, u have given lots of information about equity trading in asimple way and u have motivated me lot. please continue motivating and giving guidance to others. I will execute what u have thought , Wish infinite good luck sir. 
BHAVYA AVery friendly,way of teaching and reaching the students is good.
ANUSHA.G I got the best foundation for stork market and yes I got a best guide 
SHUSHITHA RBest of few personals among my life……inspiration
SHUSHITHA RBest person among few in my life…. Inspiration
SACHIN GRIt was a precious time spending with you and very good humble person you are.  And your thoughtfulness will always  be remembered.  just saying thakyou will never repay your kindness sir.  Thanks for being so thought full sir. 
SAI KOUSHIK P MGood speaker n motivator provides in-depth knowledge
JAYANTHI BSir was to amazing 
SHALINI SSir was very interesting and make me eager to listen the clear explanation by you sir the intresting examples that made great and helpful for me sir
NIRANJAN.MVery honest and humble.And thought many tips to life than stock
DIVYA RThe best line i loved from you means If we get hurt means forget in 5 seconds, if we get happiness means just forget in 3 seconds… and learnt many life lessons from you sir.. Thank you will miss you sir.
Adarsh Hebbar A RA man with multiple hidden talents.i learnt many things from him in the class as well as walking with him till the metro was an honour to be with you sir.thanks for becoming a part of my life as an mentor.
LINGARAJU AGood and friendly
GEETHANJALI RProbably if colleges train students like Ur practical sessions students will gain more knowledge
LAVANYA .B.RHe is very good motivetor
Abhilash.NI saw two  movies long back  to me inspire to come to stock market .The Dream has fullfilled by sir. so thank you sir reach your dream 
S Naveen KumarNo words to say about you are just amazing
Thrishath p gowdaHe is a good and friendly
PREETHU.C.BHad a great experience….we enjoyed your classes…amazing teacher..i liked the way u taught us…we learnt so many new things from you…hope we will meet up again sir
VAISHNAVI VHad a great experience sir . Learnt many news things from you.  One of the best classes I ever had . Your amazingly a good teacher with listening skills.  You will always carry  a positive vibe, thanks for making us realize we have a lot more things in life to experience. 
POOJA SIt s one of the best classes where we learnt a many things and also u tried to convey many things within short period of time as much as possible… The best opportunity we got in a right time. We are always thankful to you sir. 
VARSHA B SMost enjoyed classes.had a great time and the best teacher teach from the heart not from book .you were just amazing person from inside and out.and a person with great motivation.
GUNAVATHI.V He thought us many things just by saying one thing.he made us realise that there is many ways we can see one particular situation and he thought us how to analyse it and solve them 
GOUTHAMI.RHe was amazing in expressing and explaining things in simple words.his simple language made the session easier 
NIVEDITHA.MHe made me realise the importance of stock market and I learned a lot about the subject and the other facts also 
DURGAA LAKSHMI.RThank you Sir, for teaching us stock exchange…This class helps in understanding the basic of fundamental in stock before entering into stock market which is important.So glad that I attended your classes thank you sir.
Kavitha. KSir you were really awesome.. You not oly thought us about stock market but also about life… Thank you so much sir… Your thoughts are so inspiring and motivating every one… And your patience level and way of teaching is always EQ+1 sir.. Hope i get opportunity in future to learn more things from you
NITEESH.BExcellent, the classes were always full charged , more enthusiastic .. sir, u took the class and also students to a different level like by calling us future superstarts . I personally learned how to not lose money in market, many strategies etc ..THANK YOU sir .. 
KORI KIRANKUMARSir your brilliant, want to spend with u atleast one year as your shishya sir ! Knowledge is the only thing which is no one can  smuggle,your behaviour n achievements are inspiring … Thank for your motivation 
Vikas g nHe is a Good motivator , style of Answering is super… 
JENI M SHAHYou are really a very good teacher..we got to learn many things from u sir.. thank u so much sir!!
Asma  Sir…from learning about market, its strategies  to learning how to keep our EQ in control. U hav always been humble. explanation was flexible and easy to understand… Sir.. I hav learnt lot of things from you.. which has started changing my  view towards each and everything…   
KOMALASir ur the best expierence
Manisha SrivastavaGreat speaker ,got to learn a lot of stock n life 
Chetan jagadeeshHe was very friendly and talented 
Tejas RSGreat mentor, teacher, a friend…..
Chithra shree RWe r do happy tht u took thos program for us … ws really use full u gave us so much knowledge tht how to play with money or work with money and how country with work with money  and finally money is important…..make money spend money ….
VAISHNAVI B BOsam teaching
Tushal Kumar Ocean of experience and knowledge 
LAVANYA. P. I miss ur motivation words 
Shashwath bpKind human, very respectable man
Mohana Kumari BHe is such a very brilliant person.and his teaching is very good
Sachin Grit was nice to attend  his class because such a friendly he is I would like to thank sir because in those irritation he would manage to teach thank u  sir it was wonderful to spend time with u to❤😊
HARISH NHi Sir. I like you sir One is most motivation and inspiration IN stock market thanks a lot sir
LIKHITH K.NExcellent teacher
Chidanada H M I like his  way of teaching ..and passionate about is work..And he never tought us without proof 
Aisiri P ShettyA very inspiring teacher. Taught us how to enjoy the classes. 
Sarthak Alvainspirational and has an amazing way of teaching
Abhishek S Sagar U S sir most wonderful person in my life his teaching is super 
Bhavana.kUr simply amazing sir.ur teaching strategies is good
Goutham Yadav RMotivation for future super stars 
Shiva Sagar GSir your class was knowledgeable and you taught us good basics of stock market.. enjoyed your class sir..
DEEKSHITH RSagar U.S sir you made a job creater and it was worth attending you session..
VINUTHA M GExcellent.  The session was very educative and enlightened us and motivated to be a part of India’s growth by investing in share market
THANUSHREE CSSir your guidence was excallent about stock market
RAM KAMAL JRI liked very much the workshop was very good I learnt many information from it but I can’t remember all I will try to learn in online 
POOJA. RHe is an excellent person 
MANJUNATHA GSome jargon of stock markets are difficult to understand unless we are interested in it, but your session was successful in holding their interest for 2days.  It was a great session.  
HARSHITH KS Brillant speaker, He is very good in teaching Method 
S.VYSHNAVI SINGHIt was too good. I learnt many things from the program. You inspired me in stock marketing, Thank you Sir. 
NETHRAVATHI.M.HVery useful program.  Very good communication and Pwrson with more knowledge n information
SPOORTHI VSir is the wonderful person and he teached about the stock market was excellent ,thank you sir for your speech  
NANDINI R GProgram was fantastic… Spent a good time with you is very knowledgeable sir, thank you
THEJASWINI. DIt was so interesting program and it was very useful for all of us
SUSHMAGood . filled with lots of knowledge about stock market and its trading
YOGESHA PBest knowledge rendered….. awesome experience
AKSHATHA.C.M more knowledge gain from this workshop 
POOJA.HSir it was very nice I learn about more stock market . Thank u sir to gave me so much knowledge about this .  
ASHWINI.KDon”tsee forest see your own tree 
VIVEK SINGHYou are the good trainer sir. I learned many things about stock market in this 2 days and also enjoyed lot.. thank you sir…
MANOJ JSupper and excellent knowledge about stock market
VIJETHAN M YADAVInterested guy, Having learning skill
CHANDINI G RHad a wonderful and informative workshop.
KISHOR.MVery good program
SWAPNA S.DLearnt so many things about stock market and how to trade in stock market. It was a very interesting programme with Mr.Sagar US who taught us how you can make money with strategies 
POOJA.HSir it was very nice I learn more about the stock market . Thanku  for gave us more knowledge about this 
VIDYASHREE B.LThe program was wery use full for me I am very glad to attend this work shop .The sir was very excelent that he thought it wery lively that it was useful for me
Deepika G SubekarSuper knowledgeable person
TEJASWINI.BAn excellent information by talented person, thankyou so much for giving such a valuable information sir, the session was very useful to us for gaining a knowledge.
DEVARAj SMost effective speaker.
HEMAMALINI Jfantastic 
S B SURYAExcellent
Nethravathi G BGood…..  
DEEPIKA.RThe program was so good and helpful.
KAVANA SAwesome and motivational speech by him, i like to attend more of his sessions 
RAKSHITHA MThe program was awesome . I gained lot of knowledge and information from Sagar sir . Thank you sir for making me to gain some knowledge of stock market . Thank you for the opportunity sir
NAGARAJAIn the stock Mr.ur sir is most knowledglable and also the good for giving suggestion  
Apoorv HS I heartfully thank Mr Sagar U for providing foundation towards stock market
PALLAVI . BThe program was useful to us 
INDRANIGood speaker and thought us brief knowledge about share market. 
DEEPIKA. RA good motivation
MAHESH PRABHAKARAN The entire program was superb and really we enhanced the knowledge about the topic of stock and shares and also we learnt about really how stock markets works and about sagar sir was amazing resource person where sir has greatly conveyed the things in a particular manner and sir was well versed in his things .
TEJASWINI. SA good motivator
GOWTHAMI P.NYa ….im really feeling great and about the program and also about the speaker.I have learnt many things as before they were limited information in testbook but this program taught me reality about stock market …thank you sir for coming and sharing your knowledge.
Umme Rumana.AThe workshop of stock market was very helpful .This workshop teaches us to become creator and owner of the company not the seeker of the company
JAGADEESH RAJ V Absolutely, mind-blowing, workshop session I’ve ever had…  Thank you Sir 
NISARGA Vawsome  and its very intersting
YASHASWINI.MIts was very usefull to me.I learned many this about share market thankyou for the workshop sir.
ROHINI RThe workshop was very good and he thought more things which was not knowing. 
TEJASHWINI.BVery informative and knowledgable session feeled honoured to attend the session thank u sir……😊  
TRIVENI.M fanastic
JYOTHIRMAYI.CSuper it was very interesting 
RAVI TEJA M.S.Program-many people knew the word stock market but few knew what is it and how it works or carries the procedure of buying and selling of the shares.  This program gave a good insight of the stock market works and carries the procedures . It was a usefull session about the present trend . Speaker – Sagar U S sir had a great time as u were conducting the session . U had depth knowledge of the stock market and a great aim of reaching 1 million students by sept 2024 I wish u that u reach the aim . Had a great time of learning with u sir . Share knowledge as much as possible as 
KUSHAL RAO N Inspiration 
DIVYASHREE SUsefull program
SANTOSH NAYAK KSir give me sock market  how to buy and sell shares and how much to buy and what buy and sell shares strategy and give knowledge sock market and two work shop will best and sir give more importance student and kindly person
Koushik GI have learnt few things about the operation of stock market he is fabulous
SUNIL KUMAR RIt’s excellent program where I learnt about how to trade in stock market
BHARATH. KHe is very  good teacher and apeaker and good sense of humor he has overall program is nice and useful
GEETHA TSo good and we understand may things in markrt
PUSHPALATHA R inspired so much in  stock marketing
VASUKI VAIDYA TNothing to say.
SNEHA .B.G.Good communication
JAMUNA. CIt’s really good 
PRAKRUTHI.RThe session was very intersting and I have gained plenty of knowledge …..I hope this session should conduct again as to know in detail about stock market
ASHEESH YThe session was very helpful 
KIRPAL KAURHe is a good Speaker and understand all the program is a very good. It is a very harmful and enjoy . He is a very hardwork.
NADEEM PASH A I felt proud that I was a listener in this session. I have learnt  a lots of new things from you sir . It’s better if we had more session of yous to Learnt. Thank you so much for giving for your precious Hours for Sharing Your Knowledge Sir. 
PRAJWAL.DIt was nice teaching 
PRATHAP.DSuper Sir the program was stock market Very very good
KEERTHANA UJThe program was very nice and useful, I learnt lot and I like to learn still 
MANJUSHREE.Y.Inspirational talks
BHUMIKA LThe program was very much interesting.. Sagar U S is very clever and intelligent he thought us clear picture of stock market
INCHARA.RProgram was nice . I got more information about stock market.
SUMAIYA KOUSER T NIt was a very useful.
SHALINI.CBefore this program I was  knowing only a bit  what is stock market only this 2days program gave me a knowledge how we can get into share market which stage is correct to sell or buy the share this was very useful for me. 
DEVARAJ CThe best knowledgeable speaker 
Bindu SExcellent and fabulous 
VINOD PProgram was very nice and knowledgeable we learned a lot and miving towards to implement that as speaker said.And one who addressed us the speaker Sagar was well experienced stock advisor he thought us a lot of strategy towrads the stock market and he take the programme to next level .
JAYATHEERTHA SIt was a good workshop. We came to know so many things about the share market,how to deal with the shares, how to buy and sell,when we should buy it and at price should we buy it, so finally it was a wonderful session and I liked it
HARIPRIYA P.S.It was best & helful,You were too good, the way You presented never bored though given too much information in short time.
LIKITHA VIt was amazing session 
RAKSHITH SIt is helpful for us and thank you for teaching us.
DIVYA.SThis promgram was much benefit to our knowledge…
JYOTHI VGood speaker and teacher. 
SHREYAS S Program was Super and Sagar sir teach the will and today’s  workshop is superb 
LAVANYA KTeaching was very good
Venkatesh.gCame to know about how the stock market works .. got a knowledge about the share value how it increases and when to buy and sell the share 
HEENA KAUSER.RHe is an excellent person with infinite knowledge, curious to learn still many things from him.
IMRAZ PASHA Most usefull to us a stock market.. He teached a lot to us.. I gained some knowledge about stock market 
VINUTHA.JNice program 
VENKATESH PRASAD YADAV.RSir will help me how to investment
NOOR HUSNA SUpto the Mark 
SYED NIHAL AHMEDGave me knowledge about the market of our nation and helped me to know gain and loss of our Indian market
Deekshitha RIt ws vry useful,learnt the concept easily and speaker made it very much easier to understand the topic 
SHARATH.KProgram was knowledgeable and motivational . Sagar u.s had become one of my guru in life  
ARUNKUMAR M RWell communicator😍
PRUTHVI K B The program was good, i got an idea about share market & sir has convinced us very well about share market 
GAGAN CResourcable and knowledgable person
SACHIN KUMAR.RExcellent knowledge about stock market 
NETHRAVATHI.M.HVery Useful program and Person with a good communication
NAGARATHNA NGood motivator 
KARTHIK BABU B.CGained knowledge and very good teaching about S.M
NAMRATHA N KAMATHBest motivator and true inspired by workshop…willing for more session and workshop in future..
NITIN RAKESH R V As you said either the program has to be successful or swath bharath…. But it was to the next level and expecting speaker for next sessions
PREETHI B. Sir was used to be very Jovial and Interactive with all of us. It was a Interactive and Informative Workshop
NAMRATHA N KAMATHWant to attend more sessions…
Soumya S BhatIt was very useful for me. I learnt a lot about how stock market work and especially how to stop loss. Sagar sir did a great job and his teaching method is amazing  
YOGESH K MThe way of speaking is very Good
JAYANTH G OThanks for making us part of India’s Growth.
Bhavani.NOne of the best speaker….the way he movitiate others is ultimate…he inspired me a lot ..I wish I could get an opportunity to attend his program more
CHAITRA.S.SALANKEThe way he spoke and motivated us was a next level of learning towards stock market
HRITHIK. GI have learned lots of thinks about Stock Market and I also learned What should we and what we shouldn’t. 
BHARATH SNice it will help full
SONALI B NI don’t know 
AFSHAN TARANNUMIt was nice and useful for us to know about the stock market. He really explained it nicely
NAVYA SHREE Vit was really Osum session some time it bored but it was really very knowledgeable thank u so much for giving ur precious time for teaching us .
SABA FIRDOSEHe is good speaker
VIJAYALAKSHMI. LA great Experienced person, with the bunch of Knowledge 
DILEEP H.NThe program was good
POOJA YADAVThanks for making us know what exactly is stock market
YOGESH K MThe way of speaking was good
SHRUTI MANDVEThe program was very good I learned a lot
NAGARAJ.K It was a nice class and gained knowledge 
Jeevan. BNice
KARTHIK .KExcellent speak 
Soumya. NGot motivated to become an owner of a shares
ASHITHA CGot motivated to become an owner of shares
DIVYA RGot motivated to become an owner of the shares
PRASAD BRNice program
RAMYA M It is very much usefull 
RAKSHITH GProgram was very good, the author taken us to the next level of thinking, before the program I don’t know anything about stock market, now after the program I learnt so many things about stock market and I learnt how it works
SHOBHA. RHe is very active person and knowledge able obout stock market 
DEEPTHI H JAIN Amazing workshop in short time we got to learn much about stock market . Thanks you sir. 
HEMAMALINI J Awesome workshop by you sir 
ShwethaWonderful experience
NETHRA.A Nice workshop and we learn about stock exchange 
PAVAN GOWDA NKExcellent workshop and good motivation speech by sagar Sir
SHREYAS. SSBest program 
RANJITHA I super but we want few more class 
HEMANTH KUMAR GVery intresting and very good use full can i started stock marketing business can use and  sagar u s sir good motivation for this Stock marketing how to share purchase and how to got losses r profits
PANNAGA PKA good speaker
LAKSHMI.P.MSir was so kind and he taught us with his patience and we enjoyed the session
NIKITHA.U Always focus on life lines are very nice
HARSHITH KSBrilliant speaker 
DISHA DNo words. Great personality. 
POOJA.SIt was a wonderfull day  and we have leart  something new and it is very usefull
CHANDANA KThe 2 days was really knowledgeable day and live section I’m so glad to be a part of the work shope which is Sir Sagar U S  for giving a share market information and the way of talking is inspiring us to be participating in share market thank you sir giving such weighted section for us and making our knowledge more precious.  
SHWETHA S RThe session was very good and sir explained all the concepts so easily with giving examples. Thank you for the session sir.
BINDUSHREE .B.UMotivational speaker 
VaibhavI just loved it words are less n ur thoughs wer nxt lvl sir
SonuI was fantastic  and i want to learn more 
Aarthi.MThis program was really amazing…something new to learn…before i just knew that there is stock market but dint knew what was there and all…but now i know atleast i know the basics….looking forward to learn many more things…thank you sagar sir for this wonderful session…n we ll try to implement it..
GanpathGood teaching undrstnds students mind set and teachs good and i wish u get soon 1 million students…
Rakshith EThe program was very useful to students who will wish to invest there money in feature they will have good knowledge about the market thank you so much for theaching us about the consept of stock market 
Pratiksh Sagar sir was a genius he had  learned lot of things in life but Sagar sir was spend lot of money to learn this sir but u thought it was worth full for our life thank you sir!!!  Give as this good apportunity to spend with us we are lucky to  learn this things share market may the god bless u always and u should grow up in u r life 100% sir nothing about negative sir about u frankly speaking  
Narayan Singh It is mind blowing program and I have interest from 7 standard I was not knowing how the market and I got too know too make money…… Tysm Sir for teaching the stock market 
Kavya B. VIt was a wonderful session…  We enjoyed alot we learnt many more things,  thank you so much sir for this session conducted to us… ☺
HemalathaIt is a wonderful section enjoyed lot I guess  success is not permanent failure is not final 
ShivaniIt was excellent, we have learned many things, we enjoyed a lot, and hoping for the next session 😍. 
Syed sahilThe program was osm… I really enjoyed alot and I am looking forward to the nxt session .. Once again Thank you soo much sagar sir for  d wonderful session miss u sir..
Meghana.NIt was an inspirational program .I like it ,and I learn how to be patience .it was nice program
Hemanth kumar Fabulous… Extreme fun with knowledge 
Arbaz khanIt was very interesting class and i enjoyed a lot and i want the same class in the next semester
Pooja bhandari kIt was an amazing program  got to learn many new things & abt stock market also which was intersting & i wish to learn more sir thank you
Khusboo jainThanku so much sir for teaching us about stock market .And the program was very nice .I have learn many things from you 😊
Poojajain MIt was really nice 2 attend the program and we gained so much knowlege about stock market through sir. Before we had no idea about this, that how to trade and all, we wish that in next sem you come and give more knowlege about it…thank you
HiteshU were great sir u inspried us a lot sir 
NikithaGot information about stock market which was very tricky and eagerly waiting for some more information 
Soniya It was damn good… We learnt many new thngs & I hope this will be more helpful for success in our future…  Thank you sir
Kapil singhIt was one of the best program…i got many new things to learn about stock market….
Vikas gowdaHelped and useful
Sai CharanIt is very nice even I’m learning from u thank you so much sir 
Abhishek I learnt more about EQ rather than stock market I will follow ur advice till the end of my life …  Thank u sir for a wonderful program 
Pooja m jainThe knowledge and motivation given by him is spectacular , the extra knowledge given by him was upon basics of life , so I would be grateful if our college gives him chance even for next year . 🤗
Nikhath araProgram was superb…I got to learn many new things Specially about stock market.. And it was fun and also knowledgeable too and sagar sir was active enough to make us understand everything…
RihanaIt was an amazing session sir….Got to know how to deal with the stock market…Thank you soo much sir
GovardhanIt was best program I enjoyed each and every minute of that program tysm for the program sir
Yash It was really a awsm session sir , thanks a lot v learned so much abt stock mkt, n not only stock mkt v also learned abt life N enjoyed a lot
sandhya RIt is good & important at this stage to us & very excited for the next program & sagar sir gave us a good knoledge to us   
Mohammed Saqlain It was a really osm i didn’t know what is stock market .how to buy and how to sale but thank you so much sagar sir for making as how to do  stock market anf we need omce again stock market classes in 4th sem and i enjoyed most .miss u sir nope u will come once again sir 😘
Pooja. SI really enjoyed all the sessions,I came to know about stock market very well as well as life matter also……thank you so much Sir 
Sejal JainIt was fantastic session….I never knew about stock market…but after these sessions got knowledge….where to buy and sell…..apart from this market….we learnt others things too which is must in our life…much needed to move on in life….
Deepika AgarwalIt was fantastic session….I never knew about stock market…but after these sessions conducted got knowledge about this ..where to buy and sell…..apart from this market….we learnt other things too which is must in our life…must needed to move on in life and we really enjoyed all your classes and it’s helpful too….
Vimal kumarAwesome,superbb
SanjanaIt was really awesome class  I learnt many things abt stock markets  ad I ll implement it ad thank you so much sir  
Darshan Gowda. R.Friendly sir, His teaching is awesome, supporter for achieving goals 
Jagrut jainHis knowledge about stock markets is unbelievable. He is a very good mentor.  His tips and tricks are very useful for beginners like me. 
Rahul PandeyIt wasn’t a theory based class instead Mr Sagar made us imagine virtual world of stock market in form of live updates of the market… My valuable time from now will be utilised in productive manner… Therefore thanks to SRN Adarsh management for sponsoring the event successfully…
Priya. JSir was very much interesting while explaining because he was friendly  with us as well as explaining good .The explanation while sir was explaining it’s still in my mind about the stock market .i did not felt  bored to lessen the course conducted by our college.I hope it will be very much benefit to me and special  thank you for our college  as well as you sir for teaching us in ur busy shedual. 😊  
SandyReally great sessions & life changing sessions , Sagar sir was at his best & teaching in a unique way where students are curious & nt bored by the session
Arbaz khanIt was very interesting class 
Mohit The program was excellent we got to know Many things and the way Sagar sir thought us was daam easy we understood it easily ❤❤ it’s gonna help me In building my future
VarshaIt was the best program. We learn a lot things which was not knowing and also how to be in life we learn it was a great opportunitie we got to learn 
Prakruthi.T Its very good session……..hope so ur doing gud job..don’t stop tis….frm these so many ppl can earn money…..tanku so much for tis 
Mahima jainI learnt many things and yes will be a great entrepreneur in the future
Neeraja RamakrishnaIt was an eye opener 😇
Abhishek.HIt was good, we can get to know many things about stock market. Many of us are getting interest on making money in this society
Sachin P Suoer
Nagesh HVery informative, learned many new concepts, this improved my knowledge 
Jenifer.MThis course is very useful to me. In this course I have learnt many things which I was not knowing. Really it is very good and super course and it is very knowledgeable course. And I thank you very much sir for providing this course. 
Deepika It was helpful as I learned about the subject practically.
Keerthana selvan This course was really useful. Even though from 1puc we had topics related to stocks, shares and debentures,  It was here where I actually learnt about these topics. Now after this Classes I know what a share is and learning about investing into shares . I just was known with the textbook definition of shares that , share is a share of share capital of a company,  but now I also know that shares is a probability, investing in shares requires 80% of EQ and 20% of IQ . So more things i learnt  1)invest from savings,  2)expect the negative side while investing  3)Stay patient  4)When the world is in fear, we should be greedy and vice versa  5)Commitment and curiosity will direct us to the path of success.        Thank you for this opportunity, yet to learn more on this. 
Konchok GyalsonIt’s extra new thing/opportunity i got to know.Thank you Sagar sir for your hardwork & manage your time to being with us for teaching. 
KusumaFor me it was nice.I learnt more about stock market then I know , thank you sir
Vaibhavi RKI was very informative and it’s very usefull , I have learnt so many things in the class like for academics and also for life . I had fear before but now I can talk bravely and “THANK YOU” so much SIR.  
Kavya sIn short it was a fantastic course….. u gave 10times more Than wt u have to…but” I need still more” 😉
Kavya s In short it was a fantastic course..  U gave 10times mre than wt u have to ,thank u sir But ” I need still more “😉
Kavya sIt was a fantastic course. U gave 10times mre than wt u hve to.. thank sir but “I need still more” 😉
Bhavani good…………. new experience n gained lot of knowledge 
Sachin P Super
Devika M. sGood 
Shilpa S RIt was nice, I learnt very much, I got to know about many information,there was a comfortable conversation which I liked the most,Finally it’s worth able.
Shilpa S RIt was nice, I learnt very much, There was a comfortable conversation which I liked the most, Finally it was worth able.
Kavya s In short It was a fantastic course..  U gave mre than 10times wt u hve to.. Tq Sir but “I need still mre 😜”
Pooja AIt’s good and useful and informative but it would still have a lot of practical lessons involved so tat v would understand in more better way and other than tat it good tat v joined this course .
Hyroon jameela.NExcellent
Kiran Kumar kIt’s a valuable course whose listen properly definitely in future they lead a life is  gud  otherwise……. 
Shruthi.BIt made me to think in different perspective
Vishnu.L.MAwesome experience
Varun G BharadwajIt was a great experience  learning about the stock market… “The Bluff Master” with our friendly left Mr.Sagar.U.S
Shashank Shastry J SIt’s was pretty good (in a exiting way) he has a lot of knowledge which should be spread , if have any chance and he took classes for a long period I would surely attend without stopping.
Hemanth N RWonderful programme, above my expectations 
Chaluvaraju PProgramme is very interesting 
Deepika joshiIt was really a knowledgeable class.. and time was utilised to the best. 
Kruthika joshiIt was very informative and understanding… The Best..
SHALINI. SBest course in our life. which takes us in correct way of our life. gave us Motive if Trading Less… 
Aritha It is useful us 
kusuma Nknowledge full program which will be very useful for us in our upcoming life & Future
Shashank MR Awesome sir, learnt a lot from you sir not only stock market but also we didn’t knew it sir, Thank you very much sir always give us like this valuable information sir, once again thank you sir.
Nitin trivediNice I have Laurent lots of things from this stock market class
Pooja.Rao.svIts was a wonderful class..all these 9 days while i had this class i was satisfied that i learnt something useful as good as this class is on stock market,this class was also useful in eq session.iam happy that i attended this programm. 
Rashmi CMVery knowledgeable
DEEPAK B SMarvellous
Lakshmi Priya K NThe programme was really interesting and fruitful. Learnt lot of things … Both for stock market and life… Looking for similar seminars in near future. Finally thank you for giving us your time and teaching us…
Kiran SYa it’s osm very worthy , from dis past 10 days we learnt abt major st mkt other than that life , EQ  ,carrier and our goals should be SMART,  this r d greatest things u have gifted to us thank u so much
VikasMemorable for life time.
Kiruba mercyNo one teached like this sir …… Really excellent sir….. Stock market class then also how to achieve  in life we learned sir thank you so much sir …. I wish more children have to learn sir…from you sir.😊🙏
Jeevan M MEffective utilisation of time and learnt a lot about Market and Morals Thank you sir
ArithaIts is help full to us
Vivek N p It was an amazing experience N gained a lot of knowledge N by these program v started our journey in stock wrld
Pooja1st I want to say thank you…. it’s really worthy…..this 8 days i said 8days bcz am absent fr2 CLS .s ur not only thought me S.M ..I learned more than that your words are meaningfull and inspirational.. honestly I’ll take your guidance to make better future..more than that I’ll like your helping nature and the way you encourage the people… finally I’ll implementing the plan as you say and definitely succeed the program
Mohan.cThe vey best that we could have ever got at this stage . 
VishwasBest motivation and self development skills we learn
Dhwani DhariwalThis programme has brought a significant change in our lives. It has realised the importance of stock Market , and to have shares to trade. It’s the best way to earn money smartly….
Sanjay RIt’s been my pleasure to be a part of the program . I learnt many thing which I didn’t learn anywhere. Mainly I learnt to save my money and flow the same money towards Business. His conversation towards the public is bind blowing. I loved the program it came so wonderfully and I am waiting for same next program . Please do come again and do better program for all my friends in that even me ……. Thank you soo much to teach us some valuable thing
Mounika T EI would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is interested to know about stock market.not only do we get to know a lot about stock market we also understand a lot of other information.Sagar sir is truely inspiring. 
SHARIQ AHMEDAfter registering my name for stock classes i thought it will be a hard time for me to attend the classes but now i can tell you the classes were so interesting that i will insist principal sir to arrange this type of program again,Now i can ask my other college friends about intraday and delivery😁😁and at last  thank you sir for sparing your valuable time for us.  
Ravi PGood to know the stock market 
Varsha R JainGreat learning experience 
Yashaswini KIt was very good and useful 
Mohamed ZaidanI gained the oppurtunity to learn a little about the real market and as a beginning my base is strong. I hope to work more to achieve my goals.
Prathyusha APractical and valuable 
Manu.sProgramme was so informative and  also faculty was so friendly  
Balavant MutalikExcellent
Pramod kumaraThe programme is this programme lot of learning me.sir ur good speaker and guider.i will utilised the programme.thank sir for giveing wonder full seminar class.
Shashidhar H RWe really learned lot about Stock market and we also get the worldwide global information related to technology, education, learning skills etc., I learned somany things from Sagar Sir, we missed a lot sir
Pooja C N Very helpful and excellent teaching.