“Equity Market Analyst”: Real-Time LIVE    

Why Equity Analyst?

To be placed with the best Job in Financial Markets Industry

To Create Wealth & Profit

To be a Job Creator

Why this Program

Industry Relevant Skills – Learn the relevant skill sets of a “LIVE- STOCK MARKET JOURNEY!

Projects- Develop hands-on experience through Real-time projects!

Mentorship- Experience 1:1 mentoring session with experts to know your potential career pathway

Doubt Solving & Personalized Feedback- Ask questions to solve your Real-time Projects & Receive custom feedback and grading by experts on your assignments and projects

Program Syllabus

Fundamental of Stock Markets

To master stockmarkets, it is imperative to understand how stock markets work in real-time.

This module will help you to know

  • Which Markets to trade
  • What Products to trade – Equity & Index
  • How to Use Margins for different products
  • Timeframe to be decided
  • Style of trading – Intraday & Delivery
  • Which Broker to Select

Price & Volume Analysis

  • How derivatives contract works & their basics understanding
  • Price Analysis
  • Open, High, Low, close & Average Analysis
  • Daily Analysis Patterns
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & yearly Strategies
  • Volume Analysis
  • Time Analysis

Events & News Interpretations

  • Events From January to December
  • Pre & Post Budget
  • Quarterly Results Pre & Post
  • IIP, Inflation, Automobile, Aviation, Telecom, Core Sector Data
  • PMI Manufacturing & Service data, Forex reserve
  • Current account & fiscal deficit
  • Monsoon, Parliament sessions, Elections
  • Natural Disasters, Scams & Corruption
  • Many more current affairs events

Risk Management

  • How much to buy & sell in uptrend, downtrend & sideways
  • How much margins to use
  • Stop loss strategies
  • Entry & Exit Strategies
  • How to prepare before and after the markets
  • How to monitor and experience the trading positions

Mandatory Projects:

Emotional Intelligence: Patience, Discipline, Commitments, Courage, Risk & Return, Leadership, how to find “WHY”, Greed, Fear, FOMO

Stocks Analysis Projects: Stocks & Index Data Analysis